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White Label Reputation Management Software

Review Tool’s white label review management software lets you provide reviews and reputation management services to your clients with your own branding, domain name and logo. We have the lowest entry pricing and all the features you need to fully manage your clients’ online reviews and reputation.

Client Area

Manage your clients using a white-labeled client area. Add, configure or remove clients and see insights about clients usage and other statistics.

Your Own Domain

Run Review Tool via your own subdomain such as Easy set up as easy as just creating a CNAME and pointing it to our servers.

Your Billing System

Directly charge and invoice your customers using your own invoicing system. Be in charge of your clients’ payments and invoicing.

Your Branding

Display your own logo and branding everywhere as if this is your own software. White label dashboard, white label emails, white label client, and white label everything.

Add 100 Clients & More

Your White Label account will allow you to add up to 100 clients. If you need to add more clients you can add additional buy additional seats for only 12 per month per client.

Your SMTP Server

Review Tool White Label Solution let you set your own SMTP server and have your own phone number for your clients to send out review invites via Text or Email.

Reputation Management

Add Reputation Management To Your Marketing Arsenal

Provide review generation & reputation management to your existing clients, branches or franchises.

Businesses with a lot of locations or branches

Marketing companies with many clients

Be genuine. Be nice. Know your audience.


Do you provide a White Label Website for Partners to add our logo and company details?

No, unfortunately, the front site is not provided, only the back-end is provided. That means if your domain is, you need to create a subdomain of it as and that would be the site’s back-end were you and your clients would log in to your/their accounts. You need to hire a team to develop your front-end site though.

How long has your company been providing the Review Tool service?

We have been providing the Review Tool since 2015. The white labeled version has been provided starting mid-2018 after receiving requests from our clients needing a white label solution.

Do you provide Tech support, helping clients migrate code into their website if needed?

Everything will be provided to you out of the box, that means you just need to sign in to your account and add your clients. You don’t need to install anything at your end. You will only need to create a CNAME and point it to our server, and we will take care of the rest.

Do you provide Tech/Training support to my clients?

No, we do not provide tech/training to your clients but we will train you and provide tech support to you as our white label partner so that if you face any problem we are always here to help. For example, if you need help with the configurations of your white label instance, we will be more than happy to help.

What is the turn-around time to get everything configured?

The time needed for your white label instance to be initiated is between one to three days after pointing your CNAME to our server.

White Label Pricing

  • Tier One
    • 20 seats
    • 500 monthly invites
    • $0.04 per extra invite
    • $20 per extra seat
  • $
  • Tier Two
    • 50 seats
    • 700 monthly invites
    • $0.03 per extra invite
    • $18 per extra seat
  • $
  • Tier Three
    • 100 seats
    • 1000 monthly invites
    • $0.02 per extra invite
    • $14 per extra seat
  • $

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