Reviews Trust Badge

Build Trust with a Trust Badge

Reviews Trust Badge

By using the Review Tool’s Reviews Trust Badge you can show on your website how many reviews you have on different review sites such as Google, Yelp or Facebook and what’s your average rating on them while automatically updating your reviews count and rating once you get more reviews on these sites.

Fully customizable to match the design of your site

Our Review Trust Badges can be styled to match the design of your site, with pure CSS code you can make and customize your trust badge to match the design of your website or to become like what you want. Everything is customizable, from font styles, background color/images to colors and spacing.

Different star rating design to choose from

We offer three styles for the star rating, one that look likes Facebook ratings, one that looks like Yelp ratings and one that looks like Google star rating.

Easily embedding via simple js code or iframe

You can embed your Reviews Trust Badge on your website easily using two methods, either through an iFrame code or a javascript embed code. Either way, the installation is super easy; you only need to add a line of code to your website’s backend. You can do this using your site’s back-end editor if your site is developed using a CMS such as WordPress or a website builder. You can send the code to your webmaster to add it to your site where you want the Trust Badge to be shown on your site.

Individual review sites or aggregated badges

You can add as many trust badge as you want, you can add one trust badge for each review source, it means one trust badge for Google, one trust badge for Yelp and one trust badge for Facebook. Or you can just add a single trust badge that aggregates your reviews data from all sources and display your rating and number of reviews.

Automatic avg. rating and reviews count update

When you get new reviews your total reviews average rating and reviews count change, including the total number of reviews you have on each review source (your reviews count on each source) and your average rating for that source. With our Reviews Trust Badge, this information will change automatically on your website too to reflect the updated information about how many reviews you have and what’s your average rating after getting these new reviews. No need to manually update anything on your website after getting new reviews.

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