Custom Short Link

Get Reviews With a Custom Short Link

Ask your clients to write you reviews by sharing an easy to remember, easy to share, custom short link with them. Claim your custom short link and share it with your customers via your social media pages or via your email signature or on your business card or by just through word of mouth.

Use Cases For Getting Reviews via a Short Link

You can use your custom short link to generate more reviews in many different customer touchpoints. There are many use cases depending on your types of operations and how you connect with your customers, the sky is the limit, but here are a few use cases for using your custom short link to get more reviews:

Email Signature

Chat Box

Website, Landing Pages, Transaction Success Pages

Manually via Text or Email, Email Marketing Campaigns

Over the Phone or by Word of Mouth

Business Cards, Receipts, Print Materials, Brochures, Phamlets, etc.

Sharing via Social Media Sites