Yet Another Way To Get More Reviews

Review Tool's Review Cards are like small flyers or business cards that you can distribute among your customers or ship with your products to your customers to give them just another way to be able to leave you a review.

QR Code Scan

Our Smart Review Cards have a QR code on them that your customers can easily scan with their smartphone to leave a review for you.

Custom Short Link

For users not familiar with QR codes, we provide an easy-to-use easy-to-remember custom short-link printed on your review card to let them place a review using the short link.

Custom Design

Our Review Cards are custom designed to look and feel like your own unique business. We use the same color scheme or fonts used on your own website.

Premium Material

Review Tool’s review cards are printed on high-quality premium materials making them look professional and eye-catching.

Your Logo & Branding

Review Cards come with your own logo, branding and business info fully consistent with your brand identity and how your other business print and digital materials look and feel.

Fully Trackable

Our Review Cards connect to your Review Tool account empowering you with the analysis that helps you track and monitor your performance and reviews conversion rate.

Sample Review Cards

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