Core Features

Review Tool helps you generate more positive reviews. But that’s not the only function of it. Review Tool serves much more than mere review generation. Review Tool’s primary functions are to generate, monitor and showcase reviews. Here is a list of all the features that Review Tool has:

Review Tool Core Features

Review Tool Core Features
Text, MMS & Email Invites

Send Review Requests to your customers via email, text messages or picture messages (MMS). Use email server or add your own SMTP server to send out emails with your own domain name.

Website Widget

Our Reviews Web Widget will let you display your reviews from around the web right on your website’s homepage or any specific inner pages where you want your website visitors to see what your customers have said about you. Another way to display your reviews is by adding your review widget to your website footer so that it can be displayed on every page of your website. Our review web widget is 100% customizable which means you can add CSS code to design it the way you want it to look like. You also can control which reviews to be shown and which reviews not to be shown by specifying different filters.

Review Monitoring

With the review monitoring feature, you will be able to track your reviews from around the web and get notified when you have a negative review or when you gain a positive one. See on this page list of the sites we currently cover to track your reviews on.

Review Cards

Our Smart Review cards add yet another way for you to get reviews from your customers. Review Tool’s Smart Review Cards are like a normal business card customized with your color scheme and other branding elements and are powered with a QR code and custom short URL to help you gain more reviews from your customers. Review Tool’s Smart Review Cards are linked to your Review Tool account empowering you to track and monitor your reviews and get notified when you receive a new review.


Reporting is a great part of your Review Tool dashboard. Within your account, you will have access to your states about the number of reviews you have, the source of your reviews, your growth rate and the average rating. You will also be able to see analytics about the most frequent key phrases that users have used in the reviews they have written for you. Another reporting section is under your user performance page. Where you will be able to see how your employees or technicians are doing in terms of getting reviews from your customers. Competitors Insights will also let you gain useful insights about how your competitors are doing in your market in terms of the number of reviews and ratings they have.

Trust Badge

Trust badge feature is loved by Review Tool’s customers. With Review Tool’s Reviews Trust Badge you can display right on your website how many reviews you have from around the web through a live, good-looking badge. Just like our Reviews Web Widget, the Review Tool’s Reviews Trust Badge is 100% customizable with CSS code. The Reviews Trust Badge won’t let you filter out negative reviews because as its name implies it’s to show your website visitors how many reviews you have and what’s your average rating.

Competitors Insights

The Competitors Insights is part of the Review Tool’s Reporting features. With this feature, you will have your competitors under your radar at all time while monitoring how many reviews they have on important review sites and by monitoring their progress and comparing it with that of yours.

All Review Sites

Our Review Tool is designed to help you get reviews on any review website regardless of the fact if we cover them in terms of monitoring reviews or not. That means you can set your Invite destinations to any review site you wish to gain reviews on. You can also set it to gain reviews on your own site, this is a great feature if you have an e-commerce website and you want to get reviews for your products.

Schema Markup

Have you seen those listings on Google featured with a star rating? Those are achieved through adding a Reviews and Rating Schema Markup to your website. Schema Markup is used widely by many sites to let Google and other search engines to understand the important pieces of content on your website. The Schema Markup is not visible to your website’s visitors and is added to the source code of your website to help Google and other search engines understand your website better and display relevant information about your website along with your listing on search results pages.

Screening Surveys

You can switch on or off this feature. The screening feature let you survey your clients to see how happy they are and use it as a condition as what to be shown to them on the next page. The screening feature can be used as a way to stop negative reviews by giving you a chance to discover unhappy clients before they want to share their bad experience with the world by leaving you a negative review.

Unlimited Users

Your Review Tool account regardless of which plan you are using comes with the feature to add an unlimited number of users. This is good for you if you have employees that directly deal with your customers and you would like them to have their own login info to sign in to your Review Tool account to send invites to the customers they deal with. Your sales agents, technicians, brokers can have their own login information to send invitations to their clients to write a review and you can have the power to see which of your employees is more successful in getting more reviews for your business.

Multiple Locations Support

With your review tool account, you can generate reviews and monitor your reputation for your different locations from one single account. Depending on the plan you choose you can generate reviews for one, two or three locations. If you have more than three locations contact us for an enterprise solution with the capability to add as many locations as you need.

Negative Reviews Avoidance Workflow

As a company, we believe it’s your right to survey your customers to segment them to happy and unhappy clients and engage them differently. Your goal, of course, should be always to make things right for your unhappy customers. Giving yourself a chance to make things right for unhappy clients is both to your benefit and is beneficial for your clients too. By surveying your clients at the right time you can avoid many unresolved issues that might lead to negative reviews if left unaddressed. As a company serving many customers misunderstanding might happen from time to time, surveying your clients might reveal underlying problems in your client relationship or your operations and can help you fix these issues and learn from your own mistakes.