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BirdEye Top Alternative

Don't overpay for review generation, we have the best cost-feature balance

Review Tool has the best cost-features balance among all review generation and management software. Getting more reviews is easy with Review Tool. Review Tool does not force long-term commitment. We are one of the top-featured review generation and management tools and provide a free trial.

No Hidden Fees or Upselling

Unlike Birdeye, Review Tool doesn’t sell you a low-features base plan to sell other features in the form of add-ons. All our features are included in all of our plans. Review Tool’s pricing is based on the usage criteria, not the inclusion of the feature components. We are focused on review generation and online reviews management, and we do not provide irrelevant solutions such as payments, socials, listings, etc.

Reasonable, Transparent Prices

Unlike Birdeye, we do not ask for your contact information to show you our pricing and plans. Our pricing and plans are available on our pricing page without any restrictions. Our pricing starts from $69/Mo and includes all the features (compared to Birdeye’s $299/Mo standard pricing that doesn’t have important features such as reviews benchmarking, website widgets, and competitors insights.)

No Hardship in Cancellation

Unlike Birdeye, we have a no-questions-asked, anytime cancellation policy. If our product does not fit your business, or you change your mind and want to spend your hard-earned money on anything other than getting more reviews, it’s your call. Review Tool lets you cancel your subscription at any time you want. We provide a 60-day money-back guarantee and do not enforce long-term agreements.

Cut your expenses by switching from Birdeye to Review Tool.

Review Tool provides top-notched, mind-blowing review generation and reputation management services. You can save, at minimum, $2760 per year by switching from Birdeye’s Standard plan to Review Tool’s Lite plan without losing any features and even gaining features not provided in Birdeye’s standard plan (such as Reviews Widget, Benchmarking, dedicated phone number, etc.)

Tavata Webchat, our two-way messaging webchat system with no additional cost

Review Tool's Tavata Webchat comes at no additional fee. You can sign up for its' no-monthly-fee pay-as-you-go plan which you pay only for what you use (the actual number of text messages you send and receive.) Unlike Birdeye's webchat, Tavata webchat comes at no additional monthly fees and can help you save even more by just paying for what you use. Switch to Review Tool's Tavata Webchat and learn how we can help you convert more website visitors to actual leads.

Why are Review Tool's prices lower than Birdeye's for the same features?

Our platform works based on product growth strategies rather than sales-driven strategies. For this reason, Review Tool is built to sell itself, with much fewer expenses in marketing and sales. We do not spend hundreds of dollars on advertising on Google Ads and other platforms, cold calling, upselling, outreach, etc. For this reason, we can keep our prices low and focus on building on our features. We do not add irrelevant features unrelated to review generation and management. Our in-house development team works on the features that have the highest relevance and impact on the users' needs in reputation management and review generation.

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