How Review Tool helps you get more reviews, and why do you need it?

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The magic is in asking or reminding your clients about leaving you a review. The difference between a business with thousands of reviews and another in the same field but with just a few ones comes down to a single word, “Asking.” Studies and experiences, and our findings all show that if you don’t ask your clients to write a review for you, they are rarely going to do so. Other studies show that customers mainly consider writing a review without being asked to, only when they have a bad experience with a business. That means that if you do not ask your clients for their feedback, you probably rarely would get any reviews, and chances are that you would often get more negative ones than positive ones.

The Power of Reviews

It’s not hidden that, nowadays, online reviews play a crucial role in customers’ decisions to select the products or services of a business. Your potential customers read your online reviews and compare them with your competitors’ reviews to decide which company they want to do business with. This is even more important when it comes to local or brick-and-mortar businesses. When there is no way for the customer to try a service or product before engaging in any agreement with the company, the crucial role of online reviews will become even more critical. Potential clients of your business would like to find out about the quality of the service or product that you offer. One easy way to achieve this is by reading about the experiences of other people who have done business with you in the past. Online reviews are often treated as honest recommendations from a family member or a friend and thus are usually highly trusted by the clients shopping around for a service or product.

Why do you need a system for your Review Generation campaign?

Asking for reviews is crucial to getting more ones, but you need a system in place. Without that, you probably won’t wholly utilize this potential aspect of the customer’s journey in your organization before they make up their mind about buying from you or your competitors. A system helps you with the following aspects:

  1. Automation helps you not forget about sending review requests to your clients.
  2. It will also help you make leaving reviews a breeze for your clients. Not all your clients are internet savvy. A link that leads them to the exact review site you want to get more reviews sent to them via text or email with a personalized message can help them quickly and easily write their review for you.
  3. A system will give you a birds-eye view of your reputation and online reviews, which can help you act more precisely and discover the weak points in your processes and run more targeted review generation campaigns.
  4. Tracking your progress

That’s how Review Tool helps you. Letting you have a system that you can trust to supercharge your online reviews. In what follows, we will walk you through the necessary steps to help you better understand how to use your Review Tool account to generate more reviews and manage all the other aspects of your online reviews and reputation.

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