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Get More Reviews

Why Getting More Reviews is Important

Reviews are the most valuable currency for local businesses as well as e-commerce websites. The challenge is that more than 70% of customers never leave a review. Review Tool helps you to overcome this challenge, get more reviews and build trust with your customers. It’s an all-in-one solution for boosting customer confidence and getting more reviews. Start today!

Boosts Your Credibility & Trustworthiness

One of the most important ways to build credibility is by showing your online reviews on your website. But before you can show your reviews on your website, you need to get more reviews. You’re not alone when it comes to the need for reviews; all successful companies are constantly looking for ways to get more! Getting more reviews allow you to demonstrate success and provide proof of legitimacy. Our review management software helps you get more reviews on the most important review sites for your business. It’s a new, cutting-edge way to get reviews, and it works! Sign up today and you’ll be on your way to having an excellent reviews profile!

Identify Your Weaknesses & Strengths

Analyzing your reviews will help you identify your weaknesses and strengths and find ways to improve your weaknesses and promote your strengths. Review Tool helps you aggregate all your reviews in one place and runs analysis on them like finding frequently used keywords, identifying different trends, running sentiment analysis on your reviews, etc. By looking for common patterns in both positive and negative reviews, you kind identify the shortcomings and correct them. Review Tool is an effective tool to improve your product or services, because it allows you to track progress over time and make changes based on what your past customers think of your business.

Rank Higher in the Search Engines

The more reviews you have, the higher your chances are to rank well on search engines. This is because reviews are an integral part of Google’s algorithm for ranking local businesses. Google uses their algorithm which takes into account relevance, authority and popularity of a site. In other words, Google rates every website based on how relevant and reliable it is. Relevancy depends on how well you optimized your website but reliability depends on other factors which reviews is one of the main ones. Therefore, one of the ways to increase your ranking with Google is by getting more reviews from your clients.

Get More Reviews and Grow Your Business With Review Tool

When we started our business, we really wanted to get reviews. We thought that getting reviews would be the key to success.

We tried everything from giving discounts and coupons to giving out freebies, running contest, etc. Nothing worked for us, and we were still having a hard time getting reviews.

We realized that we needed a comprehensive solution, such as the one provided by Review Tool, to help us with all the aspects of our reputation management and monitoring, because we didn’t know how to do it ourselves and even if we knew, we didn’t have the right tools to do it and doing all the things manually was too time-consuming for us. We start using Review Tool and got great results in just a few days!

The Golden Formula: Get More, Monitor and Display

Get More Reviews

Reviews are an important part of your online credibility which can lead to more sales. Review Tool will help you get more reviews. There’s no need for you to reach out to customers one-by-one anymore. Review Tool handles communication with customers and does all the hard work of asking your customers for the review, following up with them and monitoring and tracking your reviews.

Monitor Your Reviews

Don’t ever worry about whether people are happy with your business again. With Review Tool, you can see what people think of your business quickly and easily. Review Tool provides you with the suite of review generation and reputation management tools that you would need to monitor your online reputation, get more reviews and increase your star ratings!

Showcase Your Reviews

One of the main ways to build online credibility is by showing your reviews on your website. Review Tool’s widgets help you automatically display your reviews on your website. But before you can show your reviews on your website, you need to get more reviews. You’re not alone when it comes to the need for reviews; all successful companies are constantly looking to get more reviews!


What are reviews and why do they matter?

Anyone who has a business or who has been on the internet knows what a review is. But, in short, a review is an opinion written by a customer about a product or service. Reviews can provide important feedback to business to help them improve and understand what their customers want. Reviews also inform potential customers about your business and may help them determine if they want to purchase your product or service.

Reviews serve a crucial role in customer service because they provide insight into how you can improve to better serve your customers. This in turn can lead to more successful transactions, more repeat purchases, and higher recommendations from existing customers.

What's the best time to ask for a review?

The best way to ensure you get a review is to ask for one, but how can you be sure you’re asking at the right time? The best time to ask for a review is immediately after your customer has received your product or service, while the experience is still fresh in their minds. This will allow the customer to provide feedback that can benefit you by helping you understand the customer’s experience.

What you should put into your request for review?

A Request for Review (RFR) is a written message that asks a customer to provide his or her feedback for their recent transaction with your business. But in order to ensure your RFR is effective, it should contain a few things:

  • A greeting – always use the customer’s name to make your request feel personalized
  • An introduction – Introduce who you are and the purpose of your message
  • An incentive – Incentivizing your customers to leave reviews may encourage them, so offer a small incentive, such as a discount on a future purchase, if they leave a review.
  • A link – Make it as easy as possible for your customer to leave a review by including a link to your review landing page.
How to respond when you get an unsolicited negative review?

No one likes receiving a negative review, but you don’t need to be afraid of negative feedback. The best way to approach a negative review is to try to turn the experience around into a positive result for your customer. Be proactive and acknowledge any mistakes that could have contributed to the reviewer’s experience. Address your customer and let them know you understand you may have failed in this event, but you’d like to learn and grow from the experience so it doesn’t happen again. Ask the reviewer for change they’d like to see made or recommendations on how you can improve the experience for future customers. Learning from negative reviews is one of the best ways to help your business grow and flourish.

What makes Review Tool different than other reputation management software?

Managing your reputation should be a top priority for every company. But how can you stay on top of all of the different channels to ensure you know what people are saying, when they are saying it, and where they are saying it? We developed Review Tool for this purpose – to help our clients easily manage and control their online reputations, while also generating valuable positive reviews. Our review generation and reputation management software is easy to use and provides 24/7 monitoring of your online reviews on nearly 100 review websites. Review Tool provides you with an extensive library of tried-and-true review request templates. We are the highest rated reputation management software on the market. W are proud recipients of the Software Suggest Best Support Award 2021, Premium Usability Award, and the Rising Star Award 2019 from Finances Online.

How can you use reviews to boost your business?

Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth marketing, and are one of the best ways to generate traffic, while boosting sales and shortening the decision-making process for customers. Adding reviews to your website provides proof to potential customers of your reliability, and helps convert potential customers into actual customers. Review Tool helps you display your positive reviews on your website automatically and keeps them up to date for you.

How can you get more reviews on Yelp, Google, and other review sites?

Reviews are an essential part of the customer’s decision about whether they want to hire a company or buy a product. Reviews can make or break a company’s reputation and it is crucial for business owners to take steps to get more reviews on Yelp, Google, and other review sites.

There are a few different ways to increase your online review count. One strategy is to request reviews from customers you know are satisfied. You can also incentivize your clientele for writing reviews by offering discounts or something else of value.

It takes work to ensure customers are leaving positive reviews for your business. Below we provide some best practices that will help business owners increase their review count:

  • Be transparent – People are more likely to review businesses that are transparent about their terms of use, processes, refund policy, or after sale services.
  • Reach out and ask – Harvard Business School conducted a study on review solicitation in which they found that 37% of the time, reviewers would actually leave reviews if solicited by the company in question. Consumers love when brands take time out of their day to take an interest in their feedback. And once you’ve asked, don’t forget to say thank you!
  • Follow up – Follow up with people who have left a positive review so that you can show your appreciation and offer another incentive if possible! Review Tool can help you send automated Review follow-ups with the click of a button.
  • Make it easy – Make it as easy as possible for people to provide feedback by asking them directly, making the form simple-to-complete, and providing incentives like discounts or freebies, etc. This is where a review generation software such as Review Tool can help you. Review Tool helps you link your customers to your custom review landing page where they can leave you a review on their site of choice. And it takes just two clicks.
  • Incentivize – Create and promote high-value offers and incentives in exchange for positive feedback. This is one of the most effective ways to get more reviews on Google, Yelp, Amazon, etc. Customers will be willing to write a review when they feel appreciated and respected by their experience.
  • Appreciate – Remember, people are more likely to give out a review when they feel appreciated and valued, so be sure to thank everyone for their time after they have given you the feedback. This shows new customers that you are engaged with your customer base and may make them want to leave you a review too.
  • Share – Share your positive reviews on your social media pages. This can encourage other satisfied customers to want to leave you a review too. Be where your customers want you. Maintaining a robust social media presence is crucial for brands. This means having an active Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest account among others.
Why get more reviews? What are the benefits of getting more reviews for your business?

Reviews are becoming increasingly important when it comes to informing potential customers about the quality of different businesses. With the rise in the number of review websites, more and more people are making use of user-generated content to make their purchasing decisions. Reviews often provide people with an inside look into what they can expect from a business when they go there themselves. Customers want to know that when they buy something, it will be worth it and reviews show these potential customers whether they would like the item/service or not before they buy it.

Consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Reviews boost your credibility as a seller and make you more trustworthy.

However, it is important to remember that reviews are not just to show your prospective customers that you have a good reputation and satisfied customers in the past. They should be useful tools for your business to identify your customer service or product’s weaknesses and strengths.

Online reviews are a also great way to build your reputation and rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Review Tool helps businesses get more reviews by helping them connect their happy customers the right way and at the right time, and then spreading the word to their website and social networks.

Can't I just ask my customer to leave me a review? Why using Review Tool?

The best way to get reviews for your local business is through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. Still, so many companies struggle to get more reviews for their products and services. The truth is that it can be difficult to remember to ask each and every customer to leave you a review. And, even if you manage to do so, your customer may have hard time going through the process of leaving a review.

That’s when a software like Review Tool can make the process of reviewing easy for both you and your customers. If you’re looking for a faster way to get reviews, you can benefit from all the tools that come with the automation of a reputation management software such as Review Tool.

Review Tool provides a proven system that has been successfully used and proven to be effective in getting more reviews by hundreds of other businesses just like yours. All you have to do is sign up for a free trial. Then, provide your business info, and our AI-powered software will take care of setting up your account for you. It will be ready to be used with best of review request templates available to send review requests via text and email to your customers to help you get more reviews.

We will find your profile on the most important review sites for your field and will send out requests to your customers via text and email. Review Tool will help you monitor your reviews and compare your metrics against the benchmark in your market, track your competitors, automatically add your reviews to your website, and much more. You can even track all your progress from your Review Tool dashboard.

Why should you monitor your online reviews? Why is monitoring your reviews even more important that getting more reviews?

Reviews are a big part of the customer experience. They can help sway shoppers who are on the fence about whether to buy a product online. Reviews can also help convince those on the other side of office doors to become customers.

It is important that you do research into what people are saying about your company to know how to improve. Review Tool helps you fetch, aggregate, and automatically analyze your reviews from nearly 100 different review sites.

How to get rid of negative reviews?

Negative reviews are something that every company will deal with at some point. They are not always easy to manage, especially if they appear on the internet. However, there are many ways businesses can get rid of negative reviews on the internet – some more complicated than others.

1) Contact customer service first

The first step for any business is to ask their clients to contact customer service should they have any issues or need help with anything. This is to avoid negative experiences that can lead to a negative review. Your customer service should try to resolve the issues with the clients and offer them solutions to make things right. A lot of times, this will be enough for a customer who would leave a bad review of their experience otherwise

2) Ask the reviewer how you can fix things for them

This is one of the most underrated steps in getting rid of negative reviews on the internet. Instead of quickly responding to the negative reviews, you might be able to offer them something or ask for feedback on how to prevent this from happening again in the future. The customer may then amend or remove their negative review because you took the time to engage them and rectify the situation.

3) Conduct Survey after purchase

Conducting surveys after the transaction is completed or regularly asking for your customers feedback can help you identify any issues that customers may have before their complain goes online.

4) Get more positive reviews

Yes, getting more positive reviews can help reduce the effect of negative reviews. It is not difficult to get positive reviews if you have a system in place or use a review generation software such as Review Tool that can help you get more reviews by asking your customers for their feedback via Text and Email.

What are some of tips for getting more reviews for your business?
  1. Start with the basics – good customer service.
  2. Show how you care with discounts, coupons, and promotions
  3. Make sure to ask for feedback
  4. Show that you are authentic by responding to reviews
  5. Leverage your social media channels by sharing positive reviews on Facebook or Twitter
  6. Connect with customers on social media – give them a chance to get to know you!
  7. Respond to complaints professionally but don’t ignore them!
  8. Forget about the past, focus on the future!
  9. Create a review generation campaign that includes review sites most relevant to your business type as well as general review sites such as Yelp, Facebook and Google.
  10. Make sure your customers are happy – it’s all about them in the end!

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