How to Track Your Competitors’ Reviews

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Review Tool lets you also track your competitors’ reviews. We offer two types of reports for this.

1. Competitors Benchmarking: Competitors Benchmarking lets you see a list of your competitors that we could find for you in your area. You can access this report by clicking on the “Competitors Benchmark” tab (1) under the “Competitors” section as shown in the image below. We automatically find and track your competitors for each of your locations. You can switch to another location from the locations dropdown (2) shown in the image below. You can also see the date the last time the benchmarking info has been updated from the “Report Date” section (3) as shown in the image below. The Benchmarking report show you how many reviews each of your competitors have and what’s their average rating, along with other useful information about your competitors and the competitiveness of your target area, etc.

competitors benchmarking

2. Competitors insights: This section allows you closely track up to 5 competitors per account. You need to add these competitors yourself, and we will keep tracking their reviews and let you compare them under the “Competitors Insights” page (1).

competitors insights

There are two ways to add these competitors:

1. You can either add them manually by first clicking on the “Manage Competitors” link (1) under the “Competitors” tab and then clicking on the “Add Competitors” button (2) as shown in the image below.

add competitors

2. Or you can simply search through your competitors list that we have found for you under the “Competitors’ Benchmark” page and click on the “track competitor” button (3) to add that competitor to the list of competitors you wish to monitor closely.

track competitors button

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